Dear Flyers Family,

Thank you all for an amazing season in 2017. With our final home game around the corner we’d like to share our thoughts on the season and the future of the franchise as we move forward into 2018.

Building up to the 2017 season our staff put in a tremendous amount of energy to ensure that our game day events were fun and engaging for every fan who came out to our games. The amount of time and dedication that our game day staff showed both before and during the regular season has allowed us to reach ultimate fans all across the state and beyond. With the union of talent from both the Triangle and Charlotte this season, our goal was to create a team identity that was centered around the rich and great ultimate history in our state, in every division and age group. From the moment tryouts began in January that proud history manifested itself on and off the field. The buy-in we’ve had from every player and staff member was a promising sign of things to come down the road.

Our big game day goal heading into the 2017 season was to create themes that would celebrate the great rivalries and achievements of our great ultimate scene, and also honor some of the tremendous personal sacrifices made by members of our Flyers Family. Whether it was memorializing Flyers fan Hollis Dougherty during our home opener, hosting beach bash events for our rivalry series with Jacksonville, or recognizing and telling the story of the fantastic female athletes from the Triangle, our games have been more than just pro ultimate games: they’ve been centered around telling a story.

This is the best Flyers squad we’ve fielded to date. We’ve never fielded a team with so many USA Gold medalists, Callahan winners and nominees, and tall deep defenders. The Flyers this season embody the very best talent that currently exists in North Carolina. The 13-1 record speaks to the commitment, grit and desire every player on the Flyers has manifested this season.

Looking ahead to the weekend this will be the biggest game the Flyers have played to date. Yes, we’ve been to the Final Four before. The circumstances in 2017 are completely different. Dallas is a fantastically talented squad. They have three of the best players in the world: Mickle, Gibson, and Freechild. They will be absolutely relentless on Saturday. For the Roughnecks, this weekend is about reaffirming they are the best team in the South after finishing second behind the Flyers in the regular season. We’ve seen Dallas lite. With all of their stars available for the championship game, this will be the most competitive game the Flyers have played so far this season.

We have one more home game left to prove we are a championship caliber team in the Final Four. From all of our staff and players here at the Raleigh Flyers, we hope to see you for one more tremendous game in the greatest ultimate state in the world. Let’s go Flyers Family!


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