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April Recap

It’s been five straight weeks of ultimate for the Flyers. Five straight weeks of dominant road performances and a memorable comeback win in the first regular season cross divisional AUDL game. The payoff of the work put in by the Flyers players and staff during the off season has helped create a buzz and an ultimate fan experience at Flyers game.  The new culture centered around a team identity of one Flyers family and a focus on engaging the local triangle ultimate fan base so far this year for the Flyers has lead up to this pinochle game in the Flyers Franchise history. With bigger facilities now available for game day, pre game events have included a high school league tournament, a pickup scrimmage between Raleigh and Chapel Hill’s pickup communities and Learn from the Pros youth clinics to teach the sport to young players coming up into the game. Thanks to Sean Stasiak the Flyers are able to host a watch parties at Cloud Brewery in Raleigh which served as an excellent space to host fans as the Flyers took on their Florida rivals on the road and put on a dominant 25-18 win and complete performance on offense and defense against Jacksonville on April, 15th. Home game energy has been high for the Flyers with dedicated fans including the (in)famous Hangar showing up weekend after weekend to cheer on the Flyers at home and during the watch parties.

Coming into the season, there were plenty of question marks surrounding the impact that new talent would have on the Flyers. The combination of greater depth with the additions of Chicago and DC stars Jonathan ‘Goose’ Helton and Brett Matzuka has given the Flyers some serious teeth this season. While the Flyers defense remains as ferocious as ever, it has been the newfound consistency of their offense coupled with smart game management of players that has primed the Flyers to complete a run to the playoffs. It was easy to say that the season was young a few weeks ago when the Flyers overcame a five point deficit to beat the DC Breeze, or when the Flyers dominated Jacksonville on the board in the first meeting between the two teams. The fact that the Flyers were able to beat these teams while arguably not being at full strength demonstrated just how far the Flyers have come over the course of 2017. A SportsCenter Top 10 appearance by Dave Snoke for his greatest against DC was icing on the cake for the Flyers and a validation of sorts for the effort the team has been putting in over past four months.



Check out Dave Snoke's ridiculous greatest ASSIST to Shane Sisco #SCTop10 ESPN SportsCenter ESPN VICE Sports

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One question that continues to intrigue anyone who’s been watching the Flyers is what the impact of Jack Williams’ return after the college season will have on the Flyers.  Williams’ absence from games due to the college season ends this month. While Williams’ focus on the college season has allowed Jacob Fairfax (UNC Charlotte) to make a large impact in his rookie season on the Flyers, the combination of Williams and Fairfax is something both Flyers fans and analysts in the AUDL are looking forward to. Williams is a complete package of elite athleticism and throws.


On the defensive end, the addition of Nathan Goff (former University of South Carolina) alongside the well known stalwarts of the D line (David Richardson, Hunter Taylor, Tim McAllister) has been one of the more exciting stories to follow for the Flyers this year. While there are no shortage of great players on the Flyers D line, it’s Goff’s size and length that make him such a treat to watch on D. His ability to throw his body around on the field and own match ups has led to some pretty spectacular moments this season. In terms of rookie pickups this season it’s impossible to not talk about how impressive Goff’s level of play has been. Alongside Fairfax he has been one of many key pickups for the Flyers this season out of Charlotte.


Who made the better play?

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May will be an interesting month for the Flyers moving forward. Their first and only home game out of the bye week is against the Dallas Roughnecks this Saturday on the 13th. Dallas is a franchise that has remained untouchable going undefeated as a franchise to this day. The reigning AUDL champions were well ahead of any of the other teams in the league in 2016 and in 2017 Dallas has remained undefeated.  In its first meeting against Raleigh in week two Dallas overwhelmed the Flyers in high winds on the second game of the Texas road trip weekend in a whopping 33-18 win. Dallas however is not necessarily an unstoppable juggernaut. They have sustained several injuries to key players including Kurt Gibson, Dillon Larberg, Matt Jackson and as of last weekend, Daniel Emmons but that still leaves Dallas with plenty of firepower. It will come down to execution and an effective game plan to contain and pressure Dallas’ stars if the Flyers hope to prevail on the 13th. There will be no easy path to a victory on the 13th. Energy will be critical for the Flyers and having a large home crowd has proved a key factor in the Flyers’ home games in the past. Mobilizing the triangle ultimate fan base has remained a top priority for the Flyers and with the success of the scrimmage aka Triangle Tango between RUM and Chapel Hill, the Flyers will be getting set to host a larger event Saturday that will include all triangle pickup leagues out to a four team tournament on the soft new turf come rain or shine. Phoenix Ultimate will lead the youth kids clinic from 5-6 and the Hangar will host a brunch potluck under the pavilion. Saturday kick off a new phase for the Flyers this season. They have been tested in adverse situations this season but there simply isn’t a team quite like the Roughnecks in the league. Saturday it will be a combined contest of wills and consistency between the two best squads in the AUDL South, maybe the entire league. Be sure to grab your tickets for May and follow all the action on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @RaleighFlyers. 

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