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The success of the Flyers on the field translates to success for the Flyers Sponsor Family off the field. Current and new sponsors will enjoy unique advertising opportunities including commercial spots, PA announcements, and banner presentations visible during livestreams, video-on-demand broadcasts, and ESPN3 live games. Join the Flyers Family today!

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Why Partner with the Flyers?

• Align your brand with one of North America’s top ultimate teams!

• Expose your brand in a unique and innovative way to a target audience.

• Engage with fans who are having fun and in the best frame of mind.

• Support the growth of youth ultimate by backing role models dedicated to education and outreach, and work with the local sports community to establish and support programs that accomplish these goals

• Help fund and teach values of integrity inherent to fair play and values of sportsmanship and character development that embody our sport. Assist our efforts to promote these values across our local community!

• Help introduce ultimate to boys and girls in the Triangle, regardless of economic background, physical capability, or social status.

• We believe ultimate’s broad platform can empower under-represented minorities and teach positive lessons in an inexpensive format. The Flyers will stimulate development of the community with as much passion as we put toward the sport itself!


Flyers Local Target Market

• The Flyers are fortunate to play in a diverse and growing market, home to several flagship universities and the renowned Research Triangle Park.

• 1,500+ active players · 15-35 years old ·  7,500+ friends, family, and social media contacts


Flyers Charitable Support

• The Flyers are committed to the growth of our community, youth, and sport.

• The Triangle Ultimate organization and the Raleigh Flyers work jointly to provide after-school clinics to the Triangle YMCA in order to introduce the next generation of youth to ultimate! Our engaging programs develop healthy spirit, mind, and body for all. Visit

• The YMCA of the Triangle partners with the Flyers to provide disc clinics for K-12 schools, teaches Spirit of the Game values, and encourage kids to exercise through physical and mental activities.


• E.R.I.C presents critical education in the prevention and recognition of early symptoms of cancer, while working locally with at-risk kids to explore benefits of SOTG and ultimate.



The American Ultimate Disc League

• Since its 8-team inception in 2012, the AUDL has expanded annually. The league now boasts more than 25 teams and continues to grow.

• The Flyers will likely play 7 home and 7 away games in April through August, battling teams from Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, and Jacksonville.

• The ESPN Game-of-the-Week will feature at least one Flyers match during the 2016 season!

• The AUDL Final 4 and Championship Game will be streamed on ESPN3!

• Raleigh is a potential host city for future AUDL Championships!

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