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Flyers Solidify Playoff Advantage Heading Into June



It’s been an exciting two weeks for the Flyers. With two key wins over Dallas and Jacksonville, the Flyers have put themselves on track to earn a home field advantage for playoffs. The wild nature of the past two weeks has caused a massive shakeup in the standings of the southern division putting Raleigh in first place ahead of Dallas. A single loss to Raleigh on the road would have still kept Dallas even with Raleigh and put Raleigh in a situation that would come down ultimately to point differential. Nobody could have truly foreseen a Jacksonville upset over Dallas on the Friday before Dallas came to Raleigh. The no fear mindset of Jacksonville set the tone for a historic weekend as Dallas went on to drop their second straight game in Raleigh the following evening. The story of the night was Jon Nethercutt’s record setting 13 assist game and the dominance of Jacob Fairfax who was absolutely electric that night with six goals.


With an AUDL season-high 13 assists on 50 completions, 1 goal, and just one turnover in the Raleigh Flyers' 32-25 win to take over 1st place in the South, Jonathan Nethercutt is the Player of the Week!

Posted by AUDL American Ultimate Disc League on Thursday, May 18, 2017

Nethercutt’s record setting 13 assist performance against Dallas.

With a key win under their belt and a prime position as the top team in the AUDL Southern Division, it was time for the Flyers to head back to Jacksonville for another showdown with the Cannons.


Both programs boasted one loss apiece and with the Cannons bolstered by a home field advantage the Flyers knew it was going to be a fight. While the game between Raleigh and Dallas was a fast paced shootout, the game against Jacksonville was a slugfest. Both teams traded blows in the heat of the North Florida sunset.


That Jon Nethercutt look-back

Posted by AUDL American Ultimate Disc League on Monday, May 22, 2017

Nethercutt’s look back stole the show in Jacksonville.

Errors by Raleigh and Jacksonville kept the game moving at a snail’s pace. The wind and the heat combined early in the game to fluster Raleigh’s offensive rhythm. The Flyers entered the fourth quarter without having a single lead since the score was 3-2. The game was decided ultimately by a late game rally by Raleigh. With two minutes left, Raleigh scored a key break to make the game 20-19. A Cannons hold to tie the game at 20s gave Raleigh a final shot to close out the game on offense. An improbable sequence of events unfolded as Terrence Mitchell kept the disc alive through a diving Jakeem Polk. With four seconds left in regulation Mitchell took a shot deep to Goose Helton who reeled in the throw fifteen yards out from the end zone. Without hesitation, Helton took a shot to the only available downfield target, Jacob Mouw with one second left to play. The throw sailed perfectly over the heads of two Jacksonville defenders and into the hands of Mouw who emphatically ran down field into an ecstatic sideline.


The Raleigh Flyers' drive at the buzzer to win their sixth straight game and take over 1st place in the South.

Posted by AUDL American Ultimate Disc League on Monday, May 22, 2017

An unforgettable finish to a hard fought battle.

The stunning win capped off road games to Jacksonville for the Flyers and solidified their position as the top team in the South. The Flyers head into another bye weekend with the college championships coming up on Memorial Day weekend. June marks the beginning of the final two games.  June 3rd is the 3rd game vs the Jacksonville Cannons and is the Flyers annual Beach Bash.  There is sure to be fireworks on the field between these two teams and word is there will literally be a 1000 water balloon fight at halftime.  Don’t miss a minute and get your tickets today at Catch all of the action on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @RaleighFlyers and be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for highlight and top plays from the 2017 AUDL Season. 


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