Create relevant and interesting content for the Flyers fan base and Triangle community at large. Present the Flyers team and organization in a positive light while maintaining journalistic integrity. Freedom to experiment with various forms and styles of written media.
While this Media Internship spans a variety of topics, the goal is twofold. The ideal internship has these two circles overlapping as much as possible.

  • Work on projects that contribute real value to Raleigh Flyers
  • Get an experience that is educational, enjoyable, and a potential career stepping stone.

To apply, email Casey Degnan (CaseyDegnan@gmail.com) with a cover letter, your resume, a writing sample, and two references. This position will be filled on a rolling basis, so act quickly if you’re interested!


One or more written media features per week. Topics will vary; Flyers news coverage, stories about Flyers in our community, etc.

  1. Mediums include Flyers website, social media channels, and earned media outlets
  2. Assignments by Media Manager

Home game coverage:

  • Ownership over one or more live media channels (e.g. Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Written post-game feature for immediate release online.
  • Player interviews are encouraged; gather quotes, gain player perspectives, etc.

Media projects:

  • Assist Media Manager with various media projects
  • Opportunity to gain experience with non-written media


  • Strong writing skills and ability to adapt writing style
  • Self-motivated, able to work independently
  • Team-focused mentality, cooperative
  • Well-developed knowledge of ultimate
  • Knowledge of Triangle or North Carolina ultimate scene and AUDL a plus

Internship details:

  • During Flyers regular season, March – July
  • Weekly writing assignments with deadlines
  • Desk and computer available at Raleigh Flyers HQ
  • Meetings: 1-2 hours per week for coordination with Media Team
  • Weekend commitments: home game coverage, eight games
  • Compensation commensurate with experience; stipend delivered at completion of internship

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