Showcasing more than just throwing, Nethercutt wins AUDL MVP with outstanding season

This isn’t the first time Jonathan Nethercutt #7 has brought MVP honors to North Carolina or the first time that the South Division has had an AUDL MVP. Last year Dylan Tunnell was the first player in the South to be recognized with this great honor. This is however was Nethercutt’s best performance in his AUDL career from start to finish and one of the best of any handler in the regular season. Raleigh’s 13-2 record was build on the back of a performance that represents everything you look for out of a star handler on the AUDL field. Nethercutt racked up 71 assists in 2017 completing 468 throws with a 94.35 percent completion rate, all without a drop in 500 passes thrown his way.

It was more than just Nethercutt’s on field performance that landed him an award however. While competing fiercely against some of the toughest teams in the league, Nethercutt demonstrated a level of respect and integrity on the field that was in keeping with the best traditions of the spirit of the game. Nethercutt’s trademark beard became a tangled mess that could diffuse even the most serious opponents in the heat of the moment. His in game focus comes as much from an emphasis of having fun on the field as his desire to win. It’s a trait that that has served him well on every team he has competed on since he first began his career with UNC.

Nethercutt is beloved by Flyers fans everywhere and we are very excited to see what’s in store for him on and off the field in 2018!

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