Ben Dieter
Years Pro:2
Experience:16 years
Home Town:Fayetteville, NC
College Team:ECU
Club Team:Ring of Fire

More about:

Ben Dieter got hooked on ultimate playing pickup in Fayetteville with some of his dad’s co-workers every Saturday as a teen. As a freshman, he joined ECU’s college team, the Irates, and played 5 years. In his senior season, he was one of 2 alternates selected to the AC all-region squad. His first club team was LCN out of High Point, NC. After a brief stint in coed in 2005-6, he co-captained the X-Rates (primarily an ECU alum team) until they went on to become Cash Crop. 2014 was my first year with Ring and my first trip to men’s nationals. 7 years in Greenville, NC gave Ben 3 gifts. 1) an awesome medical education 2) a beautiful and talented wife 3) ECU Irate ultimate frisbee. Currently Ben is living and working as a family physician in Oxford, NC. His wife, Sara, is a former UNC ultimate captain and all-region standout, and they have a son, Nate who shows no signs of being a slouch.

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