David Snoke
Years Pro:2
Experience:16 years
Home Town:Charlotte, NC
College Team:NC State
Club Team:Boneyard

More about:

While Snoke was receiving the MVP award on NC State’s varsity soccer team, he was also cutting his teeth on NC State’s Ultimate team. Eventually dropping soccer to play on the club ultimate travel team, Ring of Fire, his future in sports was made clear. NC State, Ring of Fire, Raleighwood, bOneyard, Coaching Apex High, Team USA, Raleigh Flyers, two Semifinals, one Final Four, one National Championship, and one World Championship round out his playing experience. Currently he spends most of his time using his Masters of Structural Engineering to design and repair bridges in NC. He loves Christ above all else, has a wonder wife (Kara) and two awesome boys (Krew and Grey), and thanks his extended family and friends for all their support.