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The Dallas Roughnecks: The Team You Want to Beat

Game of the WeekDallas Roughnecks (6-0) at Raleigh Flyers (5-1)Saturday, May 13 — 7:00 PM/ET at AUDL.TV/Live

Posted by AUDL American Ultimate Disc League on Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Dallas Roughnecks changed the face of the AUDL Southern Division. They were the league’s first true super team and as part of the Texas expansion in 2016 they shook up the balance of talent and resources in the Southern division. Jim Gerencsers brainchild was the reward of several seasons worth of reaching out to the best players in the league. It wasn’t that the other teams in the league didn’t seek out superstars. With most high profile players in the league acting as their own free agents, it was not uncommon to see out of town faces on the big teams in the AUDL. Before the league expansion in 2015 in the South, anyone from Raleigh who wanted to play in the AUDL had to travel or live in cities with a pre-existing team. What made the Roughnecks so different was their ability to bring in such a high volume of talent from outside of Dallas. The signings of Beau Kittredge and Cassidy Rasmussen were just the beginning of a plethora of major signings in 2016 that ultimately included Jimmy Mickle, Dylan Freechild and Stanley Peterson. In the space of a few months they became the most talented team ever seen in the league. No team in the AUDL South could match the roughnecks in talent, resources and depth. They were a rich man’s vision of what an AUDL team could become. The Roughnecks went undefeated in 2016 and in the two meetings between Raleigh and Dallas, the Roughnecks decisively kept Raleigh at arms length.

This is what undefeated looks like

Posted by AUDL American Ultimate Disc League on Saturday, July 30, 2016

 The Roughnecks were untouchable in 2016.

You could make a very solid case that without the Roughnecks it would have been business as usual for most teams in the Southern Division. Dallas upped the ante for every team looking at having just a possibility of getting to the final four. The Flyers off season was dedicated largely to creating a team that not only could challenge Dallas but beat them. With the final four format rewarding only the division champions, any hope of getting to the final four for any team rests on the ability to beat the Roughnecks. While the talent level and depth of the Flyers has improved this season, their first meeting against the Dallas Roughnecks as the second game of their road trip to Texas was a Roughneck blowout in high winds. The Flyers were content to take the loss having already beaten Austin on the road the night before. Still, it was not a pleasing or convincing result for the Flyers and until the final point is scored on Saturday night, the Flyers will remain the underdog in a matchup that is not predicted to go their way.

So what do the Flyers have going for them this Saturday? By far the most important element of the game Saturday evening will be the home field advantage. The energy that the Flyers fans have been able to muster at previous home games has had a great influence on their performance. The Flyers’ 4th quarter comeback against DC was the result of gritty defense and confidence on break chances, combined with an energetic and fired up crowd. The other wild card element on Saturday will be the weather. Rain is expected for Saturday evening though the forecast calls for the weather tapering off over the course of the day, Game planning on the Flyers part will be a key element in keeping their hopes of a home playoff game against Dallas alive. With the Roughnecks traveling to Jacksonville and then playing Raleigh for the second game of the weekend, Raleigh hopes are high. The momentum from April will hopefully cary into the next, and arguably most crucial, game of the regular season. If the Flyers can beat Dallas at home and somehow put themselves in a prime position to host playoffs, there will be a good reason to buy into a Raleigh appearance in Montreal in August. Get ready for the biggest game of the year so far!

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