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The Ultimate Grudge Match


Florida and North Carolina have long history in ultimate that extends back to the days when the Atlantic Coast and Southeast regions were just the Southeast. To get to college nationals, you had to face Florida and their hyper athletic thrower/receiver duos. Some of the best talent in the game has come out of Florida despite the fact that the youth scene is almost nonexistent. There’s a history that North Carolina and Florida teams draw upon when they play each other and it never seems to go away. The rivalry between North Carolina and Florida has extended deep into the AUDL. In the inaugural season for the Southern Division, the Flyers and Cannons squared off in three regular season games that would set the tone for the rivalry: physical defense, aggressive offensive plays and nonstop drama. There’s always something going on at a game against the Cannons, which makes them one of the most difficult teams to play and one of the most entertaining to watch.

Highlights from the Jacksonville Cannons 24-22 win over Dallas Roughnecks to give Dallas the first ever loss.

Posted by AUDL American Ultimate Disc League on Monday, May 15, 2017

Uniting Florida talent onto one team has always been a challenge due to the travel times between the major metropolitan hubs around the state. There are contingents of elite players all around the state who have come out of the elite college programs that have risen out of the state over the past ten years. The Orlando contingent boasts athletes from the University of Central Florida; the Gainesville contingent from the University of Florida; the Tallahassee contingent from Florida State. Each of these contingents boasts the best young talent in Florida with alums of each college program represented up and down the roster for the Cannons.

With 6 assists, 8 goals, and 49 completions in 47 points played in the two big road wins, Jeremy Langdon (#22) of the Jacksonville Cannons is the Week 4 AUDL Player of the Week!

Posted by AUDL American Ultimate Disc League on Friday, April 28, 2017

The Cannons love goons and they have quite a few of them. Cole Sullivan has been the goon behind the disc looking to unleash a backhand huck or hammer. His downfield target has always been the 6’7’’ giant Mischa Freystaetter and in 2016 it was the combo of Sullivan and Freystaetter that locked Freystaetter with the all time scoring record (95 goals, 121 plus minus) in the AUDL. In the 2016 offseason, Jacksonville acquired former Charlotte Express and ex-corner Jakeem Polk. Polk’s utility to Jacksonville shines the most at the buzzer. Polk has a jaw dropping vertical and raw athleticism that makes him a true physical force to be reckoned with when the disc goes up.

Jakeem speed.

Posted by AUDL American Ultimate Disc League on Tuesday, May 30, 2017

So far this season the Flyers have won every meeting between the two teams. During the first meeting between the Flyers and Cannons in April, the Flyers were able to stifle the Cannons on defense while executing an impressive offensive game plan. The second meeting was not so one sided. The Cannons were able to hold a lead over the Flyers until the last two minutes of the game. The Flyers won the game at the buzzer in a dramatic final point that left the Cannons stunned and hungry for more. The stakes for both teams in June are very high. The Cannons were the team that ended Dallas’ winning streak and until their last meeting with the Flyers, they were locked in as the second team in the Southern Division. The Flyers on the other hand have been rolling on towards securing a bye into the Southern Division Championship game. Their two home games against the Cannons are must win situations that will decide where the chips will fall in the playoff race. Owner Casey Degnan has expressed at multiple points how important hosting the Southern Division Championship will be for the Flyers to advance to the AUDL Final Four in August. For that dream to be a reality, the Flyers must win their home games against Jacksonville.

The Raleigh Flyers' drive at the buzzer to win their sixth straight game and take over 1st place in the South.

Posted by AUDL American Ultimate Disc League on Monday, May 22, 2017

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