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Special deal for first 2 home games.
Get 2 games for 20 bucks.
Click Buy Now, and we’ll have 2 tickets for you at the gate.
One ticket for March 31st game against Tampa Bay Cannons, and one for April 7th game against Dallas Roughnecks.
NOTE ABOUT TICKETS: With this deal, two physical tickets will be available for you at the gate on March 31. You will receive one ticket for the March 31st game, and a separate ticket for the April 7th game. When you get to the gate, please provide the name or email address of the purchaser of the tickets.

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2018 Regular Season Individual Games

$13.99 General Admission online price,  $4.99 Youth (ages 5 to 13). Discounts available to groups of 20 or more.
All home games are at Cardinal Gibbons High School unless otherwise noted.

Buy Tickets: Flyers v Tampa Bay Cannons, 03/31/2018

Buy Tickets: Flyers v Dallas Roughnecks, 04/07/2018

Buy Tickets: Flyers v Tampa Bay Cannons, 05/05/2018 at WakeMed Soccer Park

Buy Tickets: Flyers v Austin Sol, 06/01/2018 at WakeMed Soccer Park

Buy Tickets: Flyers v Nashville Nightwatch, 06/16/2018

Buy Tickets: Flyers v Nashville Nightwatch, 06/30/2018

Buy Tickets: Flyers v Atlanta Hustle, 07/07/2018

2018 Season Ticket Promotion

Limited Time Offer on 2018 Season Tickets is still available. Click here

For the 2018 season, an individual game ticket is offered as a Flyers Flex ticket.

* Buy a ticket early, then your plans change, and you are unable to attend the game? Hold on to your ticket, use it at the next game.
* Have multiple tickets, but missed a game?  Bring a friend with you to the next one, and give him/her your extra Flex ticket.
* Have 6 friends and a Season Ticket?  Want to treat them all to a home game? A season ticket equates to 7 Flex tickets, so bring all 6 of your friends with you to a single game, and use all your Flex tickets at once.  Awesome!

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