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2017 Regular Season Individual Games

For the 2017 season, an individual game ticket is offered as a Flyers Flex ticket.

Flyers Flex tickets are good for any single person at any home game during the 2017 season.

$13.99 General Admission,  $4.99 Youth (ages 5 to 13). Discounts available to groups of 20 or more.

Eventbrite - Raleigh Flyers v Austin Sol
Eventbrite - Raleigh Flyers vs Dallas Roughnecks


 $13.99   Flyers Flex Ticket 2017
Eventbrite - Flex Ticket 2017

 $23.99  Triangle Ultimate Flex Ticket; includes $10 donation to Triangle Ultimate

Eventbrite - Triangle Ultimate Flex Ticket


SPECIAL DISC-OUNT for High School Groups and Teams, $10 per student

Are you a high school coach or organizer, and have a group of high school students who wanna go CRAZY for the FLYERS?  Students get in for ONLY $10!

How to Get your $10 tickets


  1. Fill in First and Last name of the person organizing the high school students in the PayPal button below. This can be a coach, parent, guardian, etc.
  2. In the PayPal screen, modify the quantity being purchased. (Must be at least 1 high schooler.)
  3. After purchase is complete, Organizer must send an email with names of all high school students in your group prior to the game to
  4. All tickets will be Will Call at the gate. Student will not need a physical ticket. Student arrives at game, gives name and Organizer’s name at the gate, and YOU ARE IN!

Organizer First and Last Name

2017 Season Tickets

Purchase a season ticket, and you will receive 7 Flyers Flex tickets.

Flyers Flex tickets are good for any single person at any home game during the 2017 season. 

General Admission Season Ticket $69

Name of Season Ticket holder

Youth Season Ticket $39 (for ages 5 to 13)

Name of Season Ticket holder


Check out our Flyers Fan Packages or Sponsorship Packages

Season tickets are included  in most of our Flyers Fan Packages

Season tickets are included in all of our Sponsorship Packages

Flyers Flex Tickets are intended to give you the flexibility to attend any Flyers home game you wish during the 2017 season.

  • Buy a ticket early, then your plans change, and you are unable to attend the game?  Hold on to your ticket, use it at the next game.
  • Have multiple tickets, but missed a game?  Bring a friend with you to the next one, and give him/her your ‘extra’ Flex ticket.
  • Have 6 friends and a Season Ticket?  Want to treat them all to a home game? A season ticket equates to 7 Flex tickets, so bring all 6 of your friends with you to a single game, and use all your Flex tickets at once.  Awesome!